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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes | Super Clash Gaming
Not many games can wow me at the Start or Menu screen but, W...
-3 Hours ago
The Excitement for Mario Kart 8 sheds some light on Nintendos Wii U Problem
Iran White writes:

Today, is all about Ma...

-3 Hours ago
Demon Gaze Review | The Gamers Hub
Its clear the games perks lie in its level of battle tactics...
-3 Hours ago
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Rare Director Talks About Bringing Back Beloved IP to Xbox One; We have a Number of Ideas Bubbling
Rares Senior Studio Director Craig Duncan probably hears abo...
-3 Hours ago
Major Nelson Has Something Super Cool for PAX Prime; Currently Deep Deep Deep in E3 Planning
E3 is coming, but Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Ma...
-3 Hours ago
Cloudbuilt Review | Good Game SP
Cloudbuilt is a fast paced and often unforgiving challenge. ...
-3 Hours ago
A Dad And His Kids Happily Play Video Games Together. They Have To.
This is an image of a happy family; a father and his two ado...
-3 Hours ago
The Lego Hobbit Review | Collector-Corners
Travellers Tales The Hobbit is the latest instalment in thei...
-3 Hours ago
The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for April 22nd, 2014
Ryan Clements: Space ships, sea creatures, and shambling und...
-2 Hours ago
inFamous: Second Son Photo Mode GIFs Are Insanely Detailed, Surprises Sucker Punch
GearNuke: "inFamous: Second Son received a brand new Ph...
-2 Hours ago
Interview: Blizzard's Matthew Berger and Julia Humphreys on Bringing Diablo III to PS4
DualShockers spent time during PAX East 2014 in Boston to ge...
-1 Hours ago
Is Kickstarter Tripling Their Categories A Good Idea?
This past week Kickstarter tripled their number of project s...
-1 Hours ago
Honest Trailer for Assassins Creed 4 Takes a Jab at EA
The folks over at Smosh Games have just released their hones...
-1 Hours ago
The Real Deal: impressions of Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and in-depth Smash Bros. discussion
A game about buying games? Random Nintendo shares impression...
-1 Hours ago
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review | GearNuke
GearNuke: "Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars i...
-1 Hours ago

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